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Launch at the 1901 Club London

Mark Darvill-Evans July 27, 2017

A quick review of the CD Launch event at the 1901 Club – somewhat overdue I’m sorry to say, but there has been far too much happening getting the tracks on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes and so on, as well as the other concerts – more of that later. For those that attended thank you for the warm reception, and to the staff for making the whole event a pleasure.

This was a launch, so Siwan played through a selection of tracks from the album, and there was a question and answer session afterward. Sadly, or luckily for me, there is no video of this, but if you look over the earlier recording of Siwan talking with me you will get most of the answers.

It was always going to be a nervous affair – standing up in front of the reviewers, luminaries from the music publishing world and other musicians, but the launch was a great success – and in some ways, after the event you do feel like you have achieved something – something that started out as an spark of an idea and grew into an album, then finally a performance in front of an audience. It’s a long journey, but a very fulfilling one, and there is something magical about hearing it, seeing it and actually being there.

In due course I’ll write up the next concert that was Walton – and link to the videos that were taken there.

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